You might be a first-time cabin owner… or perhaps your cabin was handed down from parents or relatives. Either way, sooner or later, you are likely to want to make some updates to reflect your growing family or your changing needs. This will lead you to the Big Question: remodel or rebuild? We’ve identified 3 factors for you to consider as you begin to answer this question.

    Many cabins are from a vintage time and are maintained through the years to try to keep up with today’s demands. The quality of your home’s plumbing, electrical, and HVAC aren’t always visible to the eye, but are critical to the structure’s longevity. Yours may have been repaired or upgraded over the years… or not. How do those systems measure up against today’s standards? Are your cabin’s systems reliable and modern enough to last well into the future?
    • If yes, great! Cabins that have relatively modern plumbing and electrical systems are typically good candidates for a remodeling project.
    • If not, now might be the right time to invest in the systems of the home such as updated electrical service and HVAC. Tying into an older system often brings headaches and extra cost, so you might find that rebuilding the cabin might give you more flexibility and lower total cost.
  1. SIZE
    Your lake home may have been intended to sleep one family, but the demand to lodge extended family or friends is all too common. Have parents and kids developed needs for greater space and privacy? Is the structure too small for the growing needs of your family? Does the overall size of the cabin meet your needs? 
    • If yes, that’s a good start… and remodeling can help you optimize the space you already have while maintaining your current setback.
    • If not, you have options! Rebuilding your cabin gives you the most flexibility, but you could also consider remodeling and/or adding to what you already have. Either way, there will be setbacks and height requirements to consider, but we’ll find a way to expand up and/or out to capture valuable square footage you don’t have today.
    Your cabin might be an adequate size for your needs, but if the rooms are small and disconnected, or if they don’t make the most of the views, your home isn’t delivering its full potential. Does your cabin use the space well?
    • If yes, that’s great news. If you don’t need to change much about your cabin’s use of space, you’re likely a good fit for a simple remodeling project.
    • If not, you’re in the right place. TAP’s architects are experts at maximizing both views and space. Whether we think of it as remodeling or rebuilding, we’ll work with you to use the right strategy for meeting your goals.

If your beloved cabin isn’t quite meeting your needs today, contact us to learn more about how TAP can help you bring your home into the future. We’ll guide you through the detailed pros and cons of rebuilding vs. remodeling, and we’ll design a solution for you that suits your specific goals.

Whether you want to modify the existing cabin, add on to the existing structure, or tear down and start over, TAP Architecture can help make your cabin meet the needs of today… and the future.